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Why foster with WISH?


Become a foster parent today! Without a physical space, our life-saving efforts depend on loving foster homes to care for our animals while they search for their forever homes. Whether you are an experienced pet parent, or a first timer, there are animals who need you! We provide you with supplies, vet care and support from our team members; and you provide the love! You also play a critical role in socializing the animal as well as providing insight into their personalities.

Providing a foster home for an animal also allows WISH to rescue more animals from high-kill shelters.

Why should you foster? The shortest answer is that it saves lives. Wish Upon a Rescue is a 100% foster based rescue. Without foster homes, we cannot save animals. Our socialization and medical foster homes give a second chance to animals that may not have been given a chance elsewhere.

We know it can be hard to see a foster animal leave you for their forever family, but it is also gratifying to meet your new foster pet and watch them finally relax into a home. You will get to watch them grow and learn while they wait for their new homes. Of course, if there's one or two you can't bear to part with and end up adopting them yourself, that's OK too. 

Types of Fostering:

  • Bottle Babies

  • Mothers and Babies

  • Weaned Puppies and Kittens

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Hospice

  • Short-Term Fosters

  • Special Needs

  • Socialization Needs

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