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Education and Outreach Opportunities!

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch soon!

Here at WISH we take the education of animal welfare to heart. Community involvement is necessary to help us securing our goals and that is where we need you! Rescuing the lives of animals is our call to action but the only way to make this world a no-kill place is by education, because education is the first step toward prevention. Here, we hope to build our own community to which you can come to gain more knowledge and insight into animal welfare. We’ll post educational articles/videos/posters etc. that fall in line with our values and enforce positive reinforcement training techniques and care taking philosophies. We are also hoping to partner with local rescues, trainers, pet services, and veterinarians that also believe in our mission and values to help bring you the best resources possible. Check back regularly to get information on low cost spay and neuter programs, low cost vaccination clinics, training tips and tricks, and FAQs in regards to reasons against ear/tail cropping, breeding, puppy mills, declawing and so much more.


We hope you will get involved by inviting us to speak to school/library/park district in your community to help teach children and fellow residents how to care for animals, discuss pet safety, help raise funds for animals in need, hold a toy/food drive for a shelter in need, and so much more.


If you are interested in becoming a community partner of WISH and would like to become a sponsor, hold or invite us to an event, a speaking engagement, fundraising opportunity or have any other ideas that can help us get involved with your community, please contact us today!


Together we can be the change we WISH to see!

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