Adoptable Cats




"I have lived much of my life among molecules. They are good company." - George Wald

George had it right, because our little Molecule "Molly" is one special little girl. She is a perfect mix of sweet and cuddly, but playful and mischievous- as any good kitten should be! Molly is very inquisitive and curious about everything in her world, and loves to follow you around. She is a great jumper and climber, and will use your home as her personal jungle gym. She is also very skilled at climbing you to get into your arms if you don't pick her up quick enough when she requests snuggles. Molly does well with other cats, and would most likely adjust to a cat-friendly and calmer dog. Molly loves to watch out the window, play with toys, nap, suckle her lovey, and be held. 

The adoption donation for Molecule is $150.00.

Wish Upon a Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster based animal rescue. If you would like to meet Molecule please complete our adoption questionnaire. We will review your responses and be in contact to schedule a meet and greet at a time and place convenient for your family and our team members.