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Adoptable Cats

Midnight & Smokey Joe


You get the best of both worlds with these 2 young brothers, Midnight and Smokey Joe.  They are very close, eating, playing and sleeping together and it would be great if they could be adopted together.
Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe is the cuddly one, constantly purring and loves under the chin rubs the most.  His favorite toys are a small flat mouse, springs and a highlighter pen.  He does like to play hide and seek with his brother, wrestle with him, and sometimes bring their foster dog friends into the tussle.  Those instances usually end in group nap time.
Midnight's play motor is almost non-stop. He hasn't met a toy he doesn't like yet.  A favorite though is a canvas mouse that he loves to play soccer with, sometimes carrying it back in bounds.  He's an efficient alarm clock wanting the humans to be up by 7 and is at his most cuddliest in the early morning through mid-morning.
Both are very friendly, are good with dogs and kids, and are litterbox trained.

The adoption donation for Midnight and Smokey Joe is $250 for both.

Wish Upon a Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster based animal rescue. If you would like to meet Midnight & Smokey Joe, please complete our adoption questionnaire. We will review your responses and be in contact to schedule a meet and greet at a time and place convenient for your family and our team members.

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