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Meet Kylo! Kylo is sweet, friendly, and loving to anyone he meets. Kylo does great with meeting strangers and loves to snuggle and get pets from his humans. His foster parents think he is a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a Shepherd mix. He is about two years old and neutered. He is a big boy at about 60lbs. Kylo is so gentle with people his foster parents think he would be great with older kids, but with supervision as he doesn’t really know his big size and strength. He is so gentle in playing with his parents and takes treats gently. He is comfortable with his foster parents around his food and toys, touching his paws, and being picked up for bath time. Kylo is a super chewer – so strong chew toys available for him is a must, otherwise he will chew on other things around him, like your furniture. Kylo is so ready to be a loving member of the family and make a bond with his humans. If you want a dog and a weighted blanket, then Kylo is perfect for you! Big boy wants to be a lap dog, but respects when his foster parents ask him to get off the couch. Kylo is potty trained and is currently being crate-trained. He sleeps in the crate throughout the night but can whine for a few minutes before calming himself down. Kylo has shown some separation anxiety when left alone during the day, and he is continuing to work on this in his foster home. This big baby knows basic training skills like sit, down, and wait and does best with hand gestures accompanying the cue. He is very treat motivated and even more so praise motivated! Kylo is incredibly smart and catches on quick – he is so eager to please that positive reinforcement training will be his bread and butter. This sweet boy is a great running mate and can be as active as you want him, but he knows when to calm down based on the energy in the room. He loves scratches under the chin and kisses on the head!

Kylo can go into a home with large dogs but requires a slow introduction, and lots of time to get used to each other. He is so eager to be part of a family that he will need patience and special attention while he adjusts to your home and routine. Kylo does not do well with little dogs, and is also not a fit for a home with cats.  Kylo lives in a foster home with two dogs around his size and he is doing well, but he would be perfect for a home without pets since he gets jealous over attention from humans, and does not like to share toys or food with his foster dog siblings. His foster parents have been working hard on this, and he has made so much progress! He can be around his foster brothers while they have toys and he has learned to walk away. He does fine with food when given at a distance.

The adoption donation for Kylo is $300.00.

Wish Upon a Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster based animal rescue. If you would like to meet Kylo, please complete our adoption questionnaire. We will review your responses and be in contact to schedule a meet and greet at a time and place convenient for your family and our team members.

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