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There is never a dull moment with Gemma. Whether it’s chasing herself around the yard to throwing her toys at you to playing fetch, it seems as if she never runs out of energy. However, she does love to cuddle and be held, and is often content with laying down with a toy in her bed. She loves having company and affection, and she’s prone to following you around just wanting to be in your presence. She’s super playful with humans and dogs alike, and her play style is  stalk and pounce. She will be nervous when she meets new people and can sometimes growl, but as long as you introduce her with lots of praise and reassurance, she warms up almost immediately. While she is very energetic, it isn’t overwhelming as she is very small and happy to participate in any activity you choose. Overall, Gemma is a sweet, happy dog with a ton of energy. She would fit best with a home where she isn’t alone too much, and can be taken on plenty of walks or played with often. She is so entertaining and funny and she will be a great addition to any family looking for a cuddly ball of energy. She would love to finally be a part of her own. She has short hair, somewhat wiry, but nothing that needs special care or upkeep. Gemma does shed but lives to be brushed. Gemma will do great in a home with another dog. We are not sure how Gemma feels about cats. Gemma would do best around older kids who understand that she is tiny and the world is big!

The adoption donation for Gemma is $400.

Wish Upon a Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster based animal rescue. If you would like to meet Gemma, please complete our adoption questionnaire. We will review your responses and be in contact to schedule a meet and greet at a time and place convenient for your family and our team members.

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