Adoptable Dogs



Warning, cuteness overload. Get ready for Choco, a sweet, loving, kiss giving, rambunctious 44lb of a wrecking ball of a bully mix.


Choco enjoys many things but here are his top 5:

- walks, he has a little trot to him and walks well on leash
-toys, he enjoys them so much he destroys them and ensures there is no intact toy left to play with. He must be monitored when given a toy as he will destroy and eat the majority of the stuffing and or squeaker.
-treats, enjoys earning treats by working on different commands
-playing, he is the annoying little brother his foster sibling did not want.
-his person, he is like a little duckling that will want to follow you everywhere you go. If you go to the bathroom and close the door on him he will whine and bark as though you have just abandoned him. If you sit on the couch and he jumps up next to you and if you don’t acknowledge him he will get on top of you and give you kisses until you realize there is a 44lb dog on your lap.


Choco will need a home in which he is either the only dog or has a female dog sibling not much older than him. He enjoys playing so he will need a sibling that tolerates him but teaches him about personal space. He has not been tested around children but with his rambunctiousness it would be best for him to be in a home with older children. He is working through some separation issues and not having his person around. He has begun to go into his crate but only if you put a licki mat wobbler that has peanut butter/cream cheese in it. It takes him a while to settle down once he has licked the entire wobble and realizes his person is not home. Though Choco enjoys people, he will bark at unfamiliar and familiar people who walk up to him but he settles down quickly. Choco is potty trained; he uses the potty bells to notify you when he wants to go outside. Being outside though is not something he truly enjoys. He prefers when his person is outside with him and will follow them around the yard like a duckling. Choco is approximately 1 year and 9 months old, is fully vaccinated and ready to welcome all the love and snuggles.

The adoption donation for Choco is $300.

Wish Upon a Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, foster based animal rescue. If you would like to meet Choco, please complete our adoption questionnaire. We will review your responses and be in contact to schedule a meet and greet at a time and place convenient for your family and our team members.